Government Jobs is a aspiration become a reality for every individual. Since it makes life more stable and relaxed. In India, millions of men and women compete in the examinations to have a government job, but there are persons who quit these careers to make an effort their luck in various fields.

Listed below are Bollywood celebrities who were once along the government payroll but risked a career in acting and made it big in the entertainment industry!

1Shivaji Satam

Sometimes you have to take a U-turn in lifestyle to be rear on the right course. Same is the storyline of Shivaji Satam who’s known for essaying a role of ACP Pradyuman in a Television show. Once he was a cashier in a Bank Of India but his delight in theatre and cinema has taken him in to the glamour industry.

2Amrish Puri

Mogambo might have made a tag of himself as a good distinguished actor in the market, but he too had failed display tests in his struggle times! He was lucky enough to acquire a job in Employee’s Talk about Insurance Corporation Of India but he didn’t give up his dream to acting.

3Johnny Walker

His real name is Badruddin Jamaluddin Kazi. He was one of the finest talents that Mr. Guru Dutt gifted the industry, Johnny Walker was previous a bus conductor for Top in Mumbai!

4Dilip Kumar

In his start, Dilip Kumar uses to perform a military canteen in Aundh Pune. Bollywood actress Devika Rani spotted him and presented him Bollywood movie.

5Balraj Sahni

The veteran actor made quite a career shift from being truly a professor to an actor! He taught at the Visva Bharati University in Shantiniketan, Bengal. Even his wife taught at the same institution.

6Amol Palekar

He is a basic man’s actor and always be remembered for his Golmaal video. He left his job at Lender Of India and pursued his career in Bollywood.

7Raaj Kumar

Seeing his acting talent is definitely would be pretty difficult to put him in the boots or shoes of a sub-inspector in the Mumbai Police, but it’s certainly true! We couldn’t be happier that he ditched that to come to be the marvel we all loved!

8Dev Anand

He worked simply because a Censor Board clerk before foraying into Bollywood. He performed an important position in the contribution to the Indian Cinema.


Once employed in Bangalore Transport Service just as a bus conductor, now persons die for his first express tickets of his films.

Overall, these actors are inspirations to people who want to pursue their dreams.

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