How would you react if someone told you that your name can influence your everyday choices as well as life-shaping decisions?

Your name is not only your identity but it also reveals a lot about you and your personality. Often, your name is decided before birth, and is subconsciously sensed or picked up by your parents. It is said that your name will carry the vibrational signature of your past, present, and future potential.

Here, we have videos about what the first letter of your name say about you.

Just watch the respective video and know what the first letter of your name depicts about your personality.

1Letter A

2Letter B

3Letter C

4Letter D

5Letter E

6Letter F

7Letter G

8Letter H

9Letter I

10Letter J

11Letter K

12Letter L

13Letter M

14Letter N

15Letter O

16Letter P

17Letter Q

18Letter R

19Letter S

20Letter T

21Letter U

22Letter V

23Letter W

24Letter X

25Letter Y

26Letter Z