How to measure bra size

Wearing the wrong bra size can ruin a great in any other case impeccable outfit. These step-by-step calculating instructions will ensure an ideal fit.

Are You Wearing the Right Size?

Here are a few important signs that you may not be: wrinkling in the cups, underwire poking the sides of your breasts, a band that rides up, cup spillage, slipping straps, or a bra that hikes up when you lift your arms. (Remember that certain factors could cause you to improve bra size: a excess fat gain or loss, a fresh exercise routine, pregnancy, and a modification of diet, among them.) If you have problems with any of the fit issues above, check out a specialist bra fitter-or bust out the calculating tape and follow the measures here.

Step 1: Determine Your Band Size

Band Size

While braless or wearing a non-padded bra, measure around underneath of the band, directly under your bust. The calculating tape should be level and very comfortable. Round to the nearest whole quantity. If the quantity is even, add four in .. If it’s odd, add five. Your band size may be the sum of the calculation. (So if you measured 32 inches, your band size is 36. If you measured 33 inches, your band size is 38.)


Step 2: Take Your Bust Measurement

Bust Size

Cover the measuring tape relatively loosely around the fullest part of your upper body (at nipple level). Circular to the nearest whole quantity.

Step 3: Calculate Your Cup Size

Cup Size

Subtract your band size from your bust measurement and refer to the chart.


37 inches (bust) – 34 inches (band) = 3 inches. That’s a 34C.

So how can you tell if a particular style fits? Try these pointers:

Bend forward at the waist, then slip on the bra and hook it. This assures your breasts will be completely in the cups.

Adjust the band. The trunk of the bra ought to be level with the front.

Make sure the bra isn’t too loose. You ought to be able to slide only 1 finger beneath the band.

Fix falling straps. First, tighten the band, in that case, shorten the straps.

Placed on a close-fitting shirt above the bra. If the cups pucker or your breasts bulge, you are not wearing the correct size.

Look at yourself sideways in a mirror. Your breasts should stay midway between your shoulders and elbows. If certainly not, you desire a more supportive and better-fitting bra.

If you need to decrease a cup size for match, go up one band size, and vice versa. For instance, if a 34C is definitely too big for you, proceed to a 36B.

Select a bra that fits flawlessly when guaranteed to the outermost hook. As the bra loosens over time, make the band taut by going toward the tightest hook.

Today you’ve found your correct bra size, it is time to go store shopping! Below searching directly on Amazon.