Out from the several charming locations in Ladakh, The favorite Magnetic Mountain of Ladakh is said to become a gravity mountain where vehicles not in favor of the force of gravity and move up wards on the hillside, when left at the noticeable area. It really is a little stretch out of street located regarding 30 mi. from Leh towards Kargil and referred to as Magnetic Hillside of Ladakh at an height of about 14,500 ft over sea level.

Magnetic Hill

On this particular section of the Srinagar-Leh highway, you’ll clearly start to see the road forward going up hill. Yet in the event that you switched off the engine and allow your automobile stand in natural, it’ll gradually start shifting and may rise to a velocity of twenty kms each hour alone. Mystical?

Magnetic Hill

Many hypotheses have surfaced as to the reasons this kind of hill could be fraudulent, a straightforward illusion or perhaps how it could actually be considered a great finding and among the Earth’s various geological miracles.

It really is thought that the lack of a noticeable horizon and the setting landscapes help to make a faint down sloping stretch out look like a great upward incline, creating the impression of the automobiles moving in excess.

It is actually thus well known that however, aircraft that fly more than this area boost their particular altitude to avoid magnetic disturbance. Every visitor driver that passes through right here might quit the engine to allow visitors experience the way the car nonetheless kept shifting.


In the event that you nevertheless would talk with the local people about any of it, villagers in particular, they might let you know another type of version from the tale. To them, this whole concept and area is usually supernatural.

Regardless of the concepts and values that encompass it, Permanent magnet hill is usually a good spot to drop by about your trip, simply for the fun of it all and to encounter mystery past the limitations of our daily lives.

Best time to visit Magnetic Hill

Most places in Leh are best when visited during the months of July to September.

How to Reach Magnetic Hill

  • Air:┬áThe closest airbase is the Leh airport.

  • Road:┬áMagnetic Hill is 30 km away from Leh , in order to reach there one must take the Leh-Kargil-Baltic National Highway.

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