What happens when you put onions on your Feet before Bed


Have you ever kept a cut onion nearby to prevent a cold? If not, then you’ve probably at least heard of it. 

Everyone is surprised, and even laughs, upon first hearing about this trick. They are also surprised when they learn it actually works.

The remedy owes its success to the purifying effect the onion has on the air, making it more breathable. So, when you have a persistent cough, this vegetable works almost miraculously.

The only downside is the smell that fills the room. In order to neutralize the odor, there are an endless array of natural and chemical air fresheners you can use.

Onions possess extraordinary properties, which explains their highly regarded position in traditional medicine. Every culture has recipes featuring them as the main ingredient.

Why the feet?

The feet are largely forgotten in terms of health. In general, we only pay attention to them when they hurt or tingle from circulatory problems.

This leads us to forget that there is an enormous amount of nerve endings in the soles of the feet that are connected with vital organs.

These connection points are called meridians. They correspond with acupuncture points. They contain huge electric potential, that when stimulated, gives us access to the rest of the body.


Therefore, by placing slices of onions on the soles of the feet, we’ll be transferring all the beneficial properties (cleansing, antiseptic…) directly to our interiors to keep in shape.

Today we’d like to take the opportunity to explain the benefits of sleeping with onions on your feet. So, watch this video to know what happens when you put onions on your Feet before Bed.